Change and Peace – the only option

Most people think they can do little or nothing to stop the many wars and other types of violence that strike us all, wherever we live.

They suffer and complain and sometimes participate in protests, but little changes. History repeats itself endlessly: “divide, destroy and conquer” at the expense of the vast majority of people who desire Peace.

The suffering continues, as we are all victims or collateral damage of this primeval principle. Primeval indeed, since it is based on BABEL or Biggest Aberration and Biggest Lie in human history.

Natura Pax or New World Pact originated after a penetrating analysis of this world of wars, abuses and other violence against the backdrop of BABEL.

It is clear that this world cannot change if Humanity does not leave BABEL behind and embrace Peace as the respect for Universal Human Values.

Change and Peace:

the only option and way-out

Suffering too much and needlessly!

We are all suffering too much and seemingly ever more, wherever we live or whatever social status or whatever the riches we have or do not have.

In essence, the entire world is suffering as the latest UN General Assembly and Climate Conference have once again made clear. Alarmingly clear. Even moving many to tears and filling us all with despair and fear. But also with anger, frustration and disgust. The main conclusion: it cannot go on like this. We need change. We should have taken drastic life-saving measures ages ago, but we were blinded by the “glitter of gold” and made deaf by the “sound of money”.

In essence, we need this world or rather our leaders to change their mindset and to start behaving more maturely. We need them to think and act as one or as part of one Humanity.

They should stop competing or fighting each other “till death do us part”. Competing and fighting to gain more prestige, power and riches – often at any cost, very huge cost indeed.

They should stop the “divide and rule” mentality based on BABEL – primeval and primitive. Not worthy of true civilization.

Aberration and lie or BABEL

BABEL has dominated the entire history of “civilization” or what has been supposed to be civilization or accepted as such, but which too often was just a shadow of true civilization.

BABEL comprises the Biggest Aberration ever consisting of “dissociating Nature from the Divine or Higher Intelligence and treating her as a mere commodity” and the Biggest Lie ever based on the principle that “some are superior to others and to Nature”.

BABEL originating at the start of “civilization” in the minds of some stray humans, has indeed impacted our entire history and has in many aspects been ruining the lives of all members of that “civilization” or “shadow civilization”.

Normal has never been normal

BABEL has led to violence being accepted as normal and even justified. A whole encyclopedia or library has been created full of laws and rules, beliefs and theories based on this historical aberration and lie. What an enormous amount of time, energy, human resources and money has been spent and wasted to create this encyclopedia or library of “the history that should never have been”, if BABEL had not come to the minds of some feeling superior to others and to Nature.

BABEL has led to mountain-high damage to people and to Nature. World-wide and now nearing the point of “till death do us part”. But gradually the need to stop causing damage and preventing any further damage is sinking in.

Trillions spent on destruction

BABEL has led to incalculable losses in resources, financial and others. It has meant trillions and trillions being spent on destroying innocent children, women and men, entire peoples, other countries, races, religions, political and economic systems and other groups. On destroying our own and unique habitat, Earth. Up to the point where some are building bunkers now to hide underground in case doomsday does strike. Or spending billions to go into Space looking for a livable twin planet of Earth…

Competing at any cost

BABEL has made competing against each other a way of life. Destroying Nature and people goes on and on. Making so many innocent children, men and women die because of conflicts and wars between different countries and people. Between groups of people belonging to a different nation, race, political or economic system, religion or whatever other type of divisions. Divisions generally created and/or used to separate people between different degrees of superiority and inferiority – presumed or assumed. Created and/or used to justify violence and even killing.

Preventing history from repeating itself

Competing, destroying Nature and people goes on and on. History repeats itself again and again.

Is there really no way to end this madness based on BABEL? Is there no way to change the mindset most of our leaders still carry today and a great many other people as well? Cannot they be made to see or rather sense this kind of inherently toxic or destructive mindset and mentality is taking us all to the “point of ending human history”? Cannot this primeval Aberration and Lie or BABEL be stopped and rectified or righted?

Do we all just need to sit and wait for even worse disasters, diseases and suffering to hit us all, wherever on planet Earth. Affecting everyone of whatever country, nation, race… also all leaders and even those bunkering up or going into Space? Will we need to spend more and more just to survive?

It cannot go on and on

We are sorry to say, but we could not accept this to continue any longer. We are suffering too much when seeing little children crying from pain because they have no food, when seeing young children being killed or maimed in needless wars, when hearing young talented boys and girls talk about their dreams of becoming a doctor, a nurse or fireman and not being given the opportunity or means to make their dreams come true because they are poor, live in a country torn by war, do not have a school to go to.

We have been analyzing “civilization”, human history, laws and rules, factors and actors, beliefs and theories having led to the kind of world we all live in now. We have crossed all borders and walls that are supposed to divide us.

Indeed, we are from many different countries and nations, some of us not even having a country. We belong to different races, we are black or white or a color-in-between, we speak different languages, we were born in different political and social systems, some of us were quite poor, others quite well-off, we belong to different religions, some of us do not have a religion at all… In short, we seem to be so different that we are supposed not to be able to get along well. We did though and we still do and ever more so. We are driven by the desire to boost Peace and make BABEL a thing of the past.

There is a way out!

We are friends for life. It was not like that at the start though. When we first met – in real life and on the internet – there was quite a bit of distrust and we did not say or tell each other much in case it might be misinterpreted or not understood correctly. Some of us had been made to believe or were supposed to not like each other or even to be enemies, because we live in countries that are fighting each other. Some of us belong to different religions or to different factions of a religion that are fighting each other…

Yet, it all evolved quite rapidly into a kind of friendship that crosses all borders and walls and that bridges differences many leaders in politics, business, religions and other sectors often consider to be unbridgeable or insurmountable.

Sharing WiSOP or bond of Peace

We became friends because we felt a bond that connects us all. A bond we and all humans share when we are babies. Indeed all babies are able to communicate without words, but through different channels and by different means. We call it WiSOP or the language of Peace or our original mother tongue that is not linked to any country, nation, race, gender, political, economic, religious or other group or division.

We became friends because, once conversations started to become fluent, we felt we spoke WiSOP quite well and so were able to communicate well despite our different backgrounds.

During many years, we exchanged ideas and thoughts about our personal life and relationships, our dreams, our hopes for the future. Ideas and thoughts about Life, Nature, Peace, Love, politics, economic issues, religion, trade and commerce, violence, crime, abuse and innumerable other issues. We found common ground and discussions were very open and honest. Often eye-opening and enriching.

It could have been different

To keep it short, our main conclusion was that this world is not as it could have been. Instead of being the world of violence it is now, it could have been a world of Peace or – why not – Paradise, if it had been based not on BABEL as we define it, but instead on Peace or genuine humanity or universal human values that we all share, but that the BABEL mindset has (largely) been neglecting ever since it originated.
The result of upholding BABEL has been disastrous. We all know and we all sense it simply cannot go on like this. For no one, unless you want to keep BABEL and neglect the common goal we all need to have: working together in the interest of all people across all divisions based mainly on BABEL.

“Divide and rule” needs to be replaced by “we all win when nobody loses” and “all people and Nature deserve to be respected always and wherever”.

Universal Human Values

We selected 25 human values and called them the Natura Pax Universal Human Values. We decided to launch a campaign for Peace and Justice to promote these values across the globe. Natura Pax refers to the aim of our campaign: creating a world of Peace (Pax in Latin) for all people across all borders and walls and between Humanity and Natura Mater or Nature as the Mother of it all.

Appeal to all leaders wherever

We request all leaders world-wide to visit Danellandia or the World land of Peace and let themselves be inspired by what they read about our hopes for a better world and by what they read about why the world we now all live in is not good or just at all and what can be done about it to make it good and just for all.

We request all leaders world-wide to stop, take a deep breath and go back in time To mentally relive their early childhood and think about what made them happy. To mentally relive the most memorable moments they shared with their mother and father, with their brothers or sisters, their friends, their school mates, their local communities. To think about who they are now and how they became the person they are and why. To think about whether they are genuinely happy and about what makes them feel frustrated, angry and fearful. To think about what actors, factors, beliefs, prejudices and theories made them into the person they now are now. To think about why changing seems so difficult or impossible.

Natura Pax Universal Human Values

We request all leaders to read about the Natura Pax Convention on Peace as the respect of universal human values and to think about how these values have been applied in their own life, family, community, political party, nation or country. And to think about how these values could be strengthened across all borders, walls and other divisions. About how Peace could be the norm of all that the world does, ending the “divide and rule” principle.

We request all leaders to take the Natura Pax Vow (Oath of Allegiance to Peace) accepting Peace as the respect of universal human values and pledging to take the Natura Pax Convention as their beacon or guide to build the New World of Peace and Justice together with all other leaders world-wide. A World of Peace and Justice for all and for Nature. All finally breaking the shackles imposed on us all by BABEL.

Thank you and majai’vi or Peace and Love be to all and to Nature!

Ambassadors of Nature and Peace –


Danellandia – Pax 21 is based on discussions about this world and its many problems with people from different backgrounds, countries, religions and age.

Danellandia was created in 2004 and defined 25 human values as the basis for its campaign to make this world a better and more just place in many fields of human activities: politics, business, the media, personal relationships, education, Nature care…

You can help to promote these values by sharing the material on this site. This world needs people and leaders who put humanity first and not money or power. People and leaders who unite others rather than create tensions, divisions, conflicts and war.

Strong human values are a passport to a sustainable, fair, green and healthy future.

The world of Peace can become a reality! 



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