CIQ – higher human intelligence

CIQ or higher intelligence or cosmic intelligence reflects in a strong connection with the Cosmos or Universe to which all humans belong as part of Humanity and Nature.

It allows you to experience things – visible and invisible – in a way that people in whom the CIQ is not (yet) developed, cannot grasp.

People with strong CIQ are often but very unfairly labeled as abnormal. Yet, abnormal it is not. And most people could be CIQ people.

It allows you to see through the absurdity of considering violence, the exploitation and abuse of people and Nature as being normal or part of “being human”.

CIQ people cannot accept spending trillions on weapons and doing too little to find common ground to build a really great world, a world of Peace, Sanity and Justice for all.

Upgrading the UN to CIQ level to rescue us all

Dear leaders of all countries, nations and other divisions,

It is time for a new or totally renewed United Nations where CIQ leaders using their higher human intelligence and “L of Einstein” have finally met as leaders freed from the shackles of the environment they were brought up in.

Time for leaders with a global or CIQ vision of the world. Leaders looking behind all borders and walls based on BABEL (Big Aberration and Big Lie). Leaders having found the common ground that Einstein or someone else inspired by Peace had tried to define (but admitted he nor Humanity had not yet).

Common ground

There is indeed a common ground that all people around the world share at birth and even before. Just think of how your newly born children and other babies interacted and interact with other babies and other people.

Just think of the many expressions referring to “the innocence of a child’s heart”. Indeed, babies and young children not even speaking any language yet, do communicate in ways that have not yet been fully understood. It all has to do with the bond that unites all humans. It is the language of Heart or of Innocence or of Peace.

All born friends but often made enemies

We are all born friends able to communicate without words, even when still in the warm womb of our mothers. Friends that do not care about the country you were born in or about the nation, race, religion or no religion you belong to. In short, friends of Innocence or Peace or Heart.

Friends not yet starting to think about being different and about others not being as they themselves are. Friends not yet starting to be influenced by so many divisive factors, actors, beliefs and prejudices making up the mindset of the environment they grew up in.

Mindsets so different for historical, cultural, social, political, economic, religious and many other reasons. Mindsets that differ so much because, indeed, they have not concentrated on the very essence of any human being, but have instead concentrated on gaining power and material riches. Resulting in often fierce and ruthless competition with other people, countries, nations, races, religions and other groups of people.

Competition seen as a natural trait of human beings. But why and of what kind of human beings? Human beings that are not using their CIQ or higher human intelligence that relates to the Superior or Higher Intelligence or “L of Einstein” and that has been interpreted differently by different cultures, religions or other groups of people.

CIQ or higher human intelligence

Human beings using their higher human intelligence, let us call them CIQ people or CIQs, see competition as a natural trait also, but only of people not using their CIQ or too little of it, but instead using the lower human intelligence. An intelligence that lets itself be influenced or molded by the myriad of divisive factors, actors, beliefs and prejudices making other people, countries, nations, races and other groups be considered as not to be trusted or as (possible) enemies.

Throughout history, the lack of the use of CIQ and the dominance of leaders not using it or too little has resulted in incredible damage to people and to Nature and in the enormous loss of resources, both material and immaterial.

Trillions and trillions have been spent on destruction and on competing with or destroying other people, countries, nations, races, religions and other groups. All because CIQ or Innocence or Peace or the “L of Einstein” or the Indefinable or MPTA was lost sight of or not applied.

Big Aberration – Big Lie

The main reason for this can be called BABEL or the Big Aberration and Big Lie – both originating in minds that did not use their CIQ and did not feel the bond that unites all people to the “L of Einstein” or MPTA, of which Nature or Natura Mater is also part.

That bond can be called the Code of Life or DNA+. Without it, no human being could exist as more than a creature without a conscience or consciousness.

The Big Aberration consisted in dissociating Nature from the Indefinable or Divine or whatever name given to something or someone no human mind can fully grasp.

The Big Lie was that some people are superior to others and have the right to dominate, exploit, manipulate, enslave, abuse and even kill other people.

This aberration and lie originated in minds detached from the Indefinable or MPTA (encompassing all that exists, including Natura Mater).

Final destruction and extinction?

Humanity has now come to the point where all the destruction of the past and the destruction still going on today, are taking us all to possible extinction and total destruction. Just think of the massively destructive power of some weapons now being developed (probably many are developed without anyone knowing – possibly also biological ones. Abusive Artificial Intelligence – AAI – might make it easier to develop).

It should have been clear for decades or even much longer that fierce and ruthless competition has been leading us away from what Earth could have been if the Big Aberration or Big Lie had not been made or invented.

This world needs new CIQ leaders or existing leaders willing to use their CIQ to the benefit of all of Humanity and rising above competition (at all costs).

This world cannot be saved by traditional – often fiercely competing and low CIQ – politics or economics. It needs what can be called paxitics or summonism, both based on CIQ or Peace as the respect of universal human values (Natura Pax Vow and Convention).

The motto “divide and rule” can no longer dominate or rule, it needs to be replaced by “we all win, when nobody nor Nature loses”.

We call on all leaders to use their CIQ and to find the common ground of Peace and to unite with all other leaders across all borders of countries, nations, races, religions and other divisions.

Only when truly united through CIQ and the bond of Peace can we save this magnificent planet Earth and its incredible human beings, capable of many great things still – if only they let go of BABEL and if they unitedly start to build the World of Peace and Justice for all and for Nature. If they give up violence and use the trillions now spent on destruction on “constructive projects” instead – projects aimed at improving the well-being of all human beings and on repairing the damage done in the past to people and to Nature.

Majai’vi to all leaders and to all other people willing to work on this Earth Rescue and Survival Plan.


Ambassadors of Nature and Peace –



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Strong human values are a passport to a sustainable, fair, green and healthy future.

The world of Peace can become a reality! 



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