Faith, love and religion

Many people belong to a religion. Most religions claim to represent “God” and Peace.

Yet people belonging to different religions or factions of the same religion fight or wage war against each other, sometimes committing atrocities.

When you define Peace as the belief in the innate goodness in people and the willingness to bring it out, does such fighting and warfare not seem incompatible with Peace and “God”?

Many people say to belong to a religion. Yet, is the way they act and treat their fellow human beings (and Nature) not at odds with true faith?

Many people have no religion as such, but have faith and demonstrate it by sharing the best that people can share: Peace and Love or goodness in all its forms.

Helena and Toby

A story of faith, love and religion

Helena (*) had known Toby since he was born. She was then in her early twenties and they were both related and neighbors.

She watched him grow up on his grandparents’ farm as a child interested in Nature and easy-going. They saw each other from time to time, for example at family gatherings.

Helena was quite religious and joined a congregation. When she saw Toby, she would talk about religion and holy texts. But Toby, then in his 30s, had lost his religion and would not be persuaded to join the congregation. He had traveled widely and had seen misery, abuse and violence firsthand. He had his own opinions about religions. But he had not lost his faith. He believed in what he called the “Power of Life.” He believed in goodness or love in its many forms.

He began to write poems and, when he met Helena, sometimes he would read her some new ones. She no longer talked much about her religion, but about the values she shared with Toby. 

She was very popular in her congregation and helped people whenever she could. She helped many financially and in other ways. Toby did the same. Among other things, he helped some poor children go to school and learn a trade.

Helena and Toby got along well. They shared faith in goodness, she with a religion and he without.

As Helena grew older, she began to lose her memory and was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. She finally could no longer live alone and had to go into a nursing home. Toby came to visit her from time to time. She confided in him that she was disappointed that so many people she had helped had forgotten about her and she hardly saw anyone anymore.

She found it increasingly difficult to communicate. However, Toby often managed to make Helena laugh, even though she hardly spoke anymore.

A few days before she died, she grabbed Toby’s hands and said, “I made a mistake.” Toby asked her what mistake and she told him that he knew. Toby replied, “Don’t worry, we all make mistakes.” Then she said, “I’m afraid.” Toby asked: of what or of whom? She said, “Of everyone”. He asked: “Of me too?” She replied: “No, you are my angel”.

Helena died a few days later. Toby remains grateful to her for what she had taught him through what she said about religion, faith and goodness. And for the way she was as a person of faith.

(*) fictitious names – true story


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