Earth - our home

Earth – our home

Earth is our home – a unique home offering everything we need. Yet, pollution of air, water, soil and soul is now jeopardizing Earth’s survival and ours. There is no second planet where we can all escape to. A few might do so, but it will not be tomorrow.

Now is the time to ACTI! and to take drastic measures, like phasing out fossil fuel combustion and all wars.

So that all the billions and billions used for destroying Earth and us all can be used to restore Nature’s health and ours! The corona virus should be seen as a “rude awakening”.

It is as crystal clear as the purest water. Yet, our leaders are blind to the signs/signals Nature or Natura Mater has been emitting, especially since 2000 (but long before).

Starting a Peace revolution

Starting a Peace revolution

If only leaders world-wide could meet Peace, like we did.

If only they could sense why they pray and yet continue to compete, fight, wage war, kill innocent people and damage Nature.

If only they could see why they are the way they are and what factors, actors, beliefs and prejudices have moulded them to become not really the leaders this world needs.

Only Peace as the respect of Universal Human Values and Human Rights can save this world from sinking into an ocean of wars, violence and other anti-values based mainly on “divide and rule” – so primitive and low intelligence.

Heeding Heart and Nature

Heeding Heart and Nature

The world needs to heed Nature’s appeal for change.

It is urgent to leave behind Babel or aberrations, untruths and lies.

It is time to stop the madness of war and to embrace Peace as the respect of Universal Human Values and Human Rights – across all borders and divisions set up to exploit and abuse people and Nature.

My friend called Peace

My friend called Peace

Meeting Peace changed our view of this world completely.

Peace showed us the beauty and the ugliness and why change is the only option if we want Nature to be restored and Humanity to be saved from extinction.

Shared human values like justice, fairness, respect for people and respect for Nature are the key to a New World of Peace, Sanity and Justice for all.

Peace proposal

Peace proposal

A peace proposal presented by Peace as the embodiment of genuine humanity or universal human values.

This world is a mess full of abuse, deceit and violence.

Peace is the only option to change from the world of madness, war and violence to the New World of Peace, Sanity and Justice.

Little Esther's testament

Little Esther’s testament

Little Esther – representing all children – had a dream. About a new and better world for all. It contains many ideas to make it better for all.

It is a testament to world leaders. May it inspire them and other people to join hands and work on it together to make it come true.

All collateral damage

All collateral damage

The normal has never been normal as it has caused tremendous damage to millions of people and to Nature.

The normal has often been made to look legal as laws were passed that imply and sort of legalize the abuse and damage.

Time to hold all laws against Lex Mater and humanize or paxitize them.

The promise

The promise

In our dream we met Peace and we were shown how the world could have been if it had not been destroyed mainly for the lack of genuine humanity or real values.

We made a promise to Peace and would do all we could to promote human values.

Peace made a promise too. He would send us inspiration for articles to inspire others to want to create a world just and good for all across the entire world. Ending the vicious circle of violence and war.

Ending war - building Peace

Ending war – building Peace

Wars are fought for various reasons.

Reasons that have to do with politics, economics and religions… Many different actors and factors are involved.

Analyzing the conflict from the point of view of Peace or Lex Majai (universal human values) can form the basis for a solution.

Nature - is it goodbye?

Nature – is it goodbye?

Nature’s fed up with the deliberate pollution of air, water and soil. She appeals to Humanity’s common sense and higher intelligence to stop destroying Earth and to change course to build a world of Peace, Sanity and Justice for all across the planet.

Nature or rather Natura Majai is more than meets the eye. It may seem strange at first, but think about why people feel the urge to pray. They feel there is something “above us all”.

Pax 21 - Wave of Peace

Pax 21 – Wave of Peace

We all feel this world is a mess. Its problems seem to get worse: Nature degradation, violence, wars, crime, abuse, commercial exploitation…

Most of these problems are the result of a lack of Peace or the respect of universal human values, like justice, honesty, respect for people, respect for Nature, integrity and tolerance.

Together we can be the change we all want. We all want to live in peace and enjoy life. We want it for ourselves, our family and friends and the entire world.

Let’s create a Wave of Peace and demand all leaders to stop all violence and wars.

Why kill each other?

Why kill each other?

Two soldiers of different armies came face to face on the battlefield. They were supposed to be enemies and kill each other.

Yet, they did not want to die and started talking. About their lives and their families.

They found they both wanted peace and did not shoot each other. When the war ended, they met again and joined a peace movement.


Danellandia – Pax 21 is based on discussions about this world and its many problems with people from different backgrounds, countries, religions and age.

Danellandia was created in 2004 and defined 25 human values as the basis for its campaign to make this world a better and more just place in many fields of human activities: politics, business, the media, personal relationships, education, Nature care…

You can help to promote these values by sharing the material on this site. This world needs people and leaders who put humanity first and not money or power. People and leaders who unite others rather than create tensions, divisions, conflicts and war.

Strong human values are a passport to a sustainable, fair, green and healthy future.

The world of Peace can become a reality! 



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