SOS Pax Majai – Peace is “divine”

In 2004, after being bullied at work for quite some time, our friend Pedro thought about suicide. But then. he experienced what we have come to call a “Dream of Peace and Liberation”.

In it, he was shown a kind of film about the present world and its endless problems: the many wars, the atrocious massacres, the degradation of Nature…. It also dealt with the reasons behind these problems.

The mental film ended with the request to build a New World of Peace, Sanity and Justice – for all people and for Nature. A world based on Lex Majai (Universal Human Values).

Pedro wrote this letter and we want to invite all leaders and everyone else to reflect on why they are what they are and why they behave the way they do. Discovering or rediscovering the Power of Life or Majai in all its senses will help to clear the many obstacles on the way to Peace, Sanity and Justice.

Dream of Peace and Liberation

Hello to everyone everywhere,

Peace is “divine” – war can never be

Some years ago, I was on the verge of losing my life. For weeks I had been harassed and I thought of committing suicide. It was hard to understand why we had to suffer so much. What had we done wrong?

Suddenly in broad daylight I had a “Dream”. A dream like a mental film about why we suffer. Not really why I myself suffered, but the whole world. All the innocent people being hit by violence and abuse.

It was like a film shown by someone extremely angry about what was happening in this world. Shown by someone who wanted it to be totally different.

The first part of the Dream showed images of wars, crimes, poverty, abuse, degradation of Nature and other violence. In many parts of the world. Images of the present and of the past. Of the most horrific atrocities committed by people for various reasons. Images of bombing entire villages and of massacres. Images of agonizing children crying for help and passing away. without anybody to comfort them.

We (*) can still recall the horror shown us at a speed we could not take for much longer.

We felt that a Power was speaking to us that we could perceive as Peace and Nature. Some would call the Power “divine”. We call it Majai as that word was shouted out loud in the second part of the mental film.

That part was totally different. It showed the beauty of people and of Nature. The beauty of caring and sharing. People enjoying making others happy. Children enjoying the very little but very important in life.

At a certain point in the film, Humanity wanted to know how Life began and pushed us ever further. Ever further… It pushed us to the limit and beyond where no one had ever been before.

Phiuuu… In an instant we were as if projected into a different world and saw the Truth of Life. It was overwhelming and indescribable and unforgettable.

After the flash we “woke up and returned to Humanity”. At first, we were disappointed because we would have wanted to stay in the other world, but then a voice inside us told us that we could use what we had seen in the film to make this world of war, abuse and violence a better and fairer world for all and also for Nature.

We felt that we had been given a mission: to promote Peace and Nature on the basis of the Truth of Life or central message of the Dream, which we later called the Dream of Peace and Liberation.

The end of the Dream was very clear in this regard: to end wars and destruction, to embrace Peace and to protect Nature and all people.

After the Dream and for many weeks and months, especially at night, images of the Dream came back at a much slower pace and put everything in the perspective of Peace and Natura Majai.

We wrote down many, many pages in several languages. Sometimes we had to look up the meaning of some of them. The messages – often like SOSs – were so often “confirmed” by the reality that was unfolding in this world of war, abuse and violence. But also by what people we met or heard, did or said and reflecting the best we can give: love, friendship or human warmth in all its forms.

The Power or Majai (or whatever name is given to the “Divine”) is all around us. It is not someone or something distant, but lives in us and beside us. Just everywhere and always. And the Power communicates through myriad forms, visible and invisible. In a language that everyone and all share since we were born or even before. We call it WiSOP or the language of Peace or majai.

In the Dream, the Power or Majai demanded that Peace should be the goal of all people in the world. Majai did not care about race, nation, gender, politics, status, religion… Majai wanted Earth to be a home for all people, wherever they were, and also for Nature.

One night, the core message about the Truth of Life came back to us and it was overwhelming. At first we couldn’t understand why it had been given to us. To us. But as we thought about what we had seen in the Dream and experienced earlier in our lives, we understood.

We couldn’t hold back our tears and we cried and cried. We had never shed so many tears in our entire lives. The message was clear: Humanity must embrace Peace and respect all people and Nature as being part of that Power.

It was also clear that war and violence cannot be part of Peace. It was clear that throughout human history, many had interpreted the “Divine” according to their own interests and not according to the interests of all people and Nature or, in short, Majai.

We could go on and on about the Dream and, indeed, it and similar or related phenomena or experiences have inspired us to write hundreds of poems and other texts to try to convince this world that “uniting in and for Peace” is Majai’s ultimate wish and the only way to prevent Humanity from destroying itself.

Many of you may have noticed that we sometimes write in the plural when most would write in the singular. It has to do with the central message and Majai. The central message or message of Heart will make it clear why. Some people who feel Majai strongly too, will already know the reason. As they will already also know the meaning of the five letters of WiSOP or the language of Majai, which all humans share with Majai, but which many of them speak little or not at all anymore. Therefore, they have lost touch and resort to violence and war.

Let’s tell you the W stands for Weapon but in the form of Wisdom or Words. It’s a weapon that does not kill but heals, the weapon to end all wars and make deadly weapons a thing of the past. Wisdom to share and to reflect on…

Please think about what we have written here and in other articles we have written and will still write in future.

Please think about what you are and why you act the way you do. Please heed the messages and give up wars and violence and embrace Peace or Pax Majai.

Majai’vi or Mahaivi (*)

Pedro (and entire ANP Team)

(*) meaning Hail to Majai [pronounced ma ‘hai] or Peace be to all and to Nature.


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