Why pray and yet kill?

Many leaders pray openly and invoke God’s blessing. Many do so and yet kill innocent people in wars or other acts of violence fought or committed to acquire power and riches.

When you truly understand why you pray and how Humanity relates to Life and Nature as part of the “Undefinable of Peace and Happiness”, you cannot but feel that praying and killing fellow human beings or damaging Nature are incompatible and so a blasphemy to the “Undefinable” (given many names).

Ever since they were kids, Emma and Peter, were taught to pray. But not in a usual way, Their granddad had taught them to talk instead of pray. And so they did.

They prayed or rather talked to someone they called at first “Little Peace” and later on “Peace” or “Pax”. It has made them believe that many people are praying but don’t understand what they really pray for or to whom or what.

Emma and Peter see Peace as someone always there to help and inspire. Not someone or something distant and “at the other side”. It has made them decide that Peace can be seen as goodness or as something that could be defined as the “Undefinable of Peace and Happiness”.

So, Emma and Peter could from a quite early age, not understand why people could pray and yet hurt, maim or kill people. Neither could they understand why people could pray and yet hurt or damage Nature so badly. To them Nature is part of that “Undefinable of Peace and Happiness”.

Peace has inspired them to write about goodness and what makes people be good. One of the main principles they came up with was: “respect people and Nature always and everywhere” and “all people are equal and deserve to be treated fairly”.

Their philosophy cannot be called a religion, It is a way of thinking and of acting in respect of Peace and of Nature or, in short, of the “Undefinable of Peace and Happiness”.

So, to all those that resort to war and other violence, we would like to ask to read the poem “Peace, mother of my heart” and think about why they are what they are and why they use war and violence.

If they truly understand what the “Undefinable” is, we are sure they have a different opinion about war and violence. We hope they will lay down all weapons. 


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The world of Peace can become a reality! 



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