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 RAMITOS expects you:

  • to be honest with yourself, your family, your friends and society
  • to take part in this campaign for peace and justice
  • to read the DNA manual of Peace carefully and to analyze yourself
  • to try and connect first with your very self and with Nature
  • to take this campaign seriously
  • to not spread fake or distorted information
  • to contribute to global peace and justice.


RAMITOS expects:

  • each community, village, town, province and country to set up a HoP or House of Peace. A forum to discuss ways of applying the principles of DNA+ 
  • to analyze and take actions to solve issues and problems related to the lack of respect of the DNA+ principles
  • more specific projects will be presented in the coming weeks and months.


RAMITOS expects:

  • the United Nations and other organizations to set up a road map to foster this campaign
  • the United Nations and other organizations to set up or buy a translation platform and to reduce the cost of telecommunications in general so as to boost communication and international contacts between people and do away with our worst enemy: prejudices and fake news and the like
  • the United Nations and other organizations to defend the RAMITOS and DNA campaign and to discuss it at their meetings – the sooner the better
  • some people to be against the campaign, but it being in the interest of every single inhabitant of this incredibly beautiful planet, their resistance will melt with time. They will be made to see their negative activities and attitude are damaging themselves (it reduces their capacity to learn WiSOP well and to reconnect).

TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG – strong twigs (ramitos) make a strong tree!

More expectations and suggestions will follow.

BUT please give us time and privacy to be able to help you so you can help us.

Visit our sites regularly, sign up for our newsletter and use all the material we publish to boost peace, humanity and well-being locally, regionally, nationally and world-wide.

Many thanks and hugs,

Majai’vi! (Peace be to all of us and Nature)!

Ambassadors of Nature and Peace


  • across all borders and through all types of walls
  • helping them to discover the “core of all things”
  • making them respect the essence of it all: Nature as part of MPTA
  • teaching them how to communicate heart-to-heart
  • teaching them WiSOP so that they respect other people and Nature and all that she is and provides
  • giving them the knowledge to select the right leaders
  • leaders that speak heart-to-heart and not money-to-money or bitcoin-to-bitcoin
  • leaders that understand the “core of all things”.


  • sharing this material with real friends (you know well)
  • sharing it preferably on RAMITOS – a network of friends and no adverts or tracing and tracking for commercial reasons
  • discussing the issues dealt with on this site with friends
  • convincing your leaders to help with the clean-up
  • building your own little house or website where you show where you live and what you would like to do to help with the RAMITOS CLEAN-UP, your interests, your hobby
  • we are planning to set up a safe network with apps you can trust (because now there are too many “octopuses” wanting to monetize us and everything)
  • apps to build a virtual little house where you invite other RAMITOS members or amigos and amigas (as we call them) to discuss and share RAMITOS.
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Ramitos is the plural of the Spanish word for twig or branch.

We are all twigs or branches of a single tree.

The stronger the tree, the stronger the twigs. The stronger the twigs, the stronger the tree.

Twigs are affected by greed and the like that endanger the survival of the entire tree!

The tree symbolizes our planet Earth and Humanity or all human beings.

Katharsis or feeling free

Learning WiSOP or the language that allows you to communicate heart-to-heart, will make you as a twig of the big tree strong again and the tree as well.

A strong tree with strong and healthy twigs having shed off the twigs that did not manage to clean themselves or be cleaned.

Speaking WiSOP will clean up the mess and all that has been making life hard for the many and easy for the few on planet Earth.

Planet Earth could have been like Paradise. This campaign can still make it happen, but we will need your help and your WiSOP language skills.

So, join in and become an amigo or amiga!

Together we can make it happen and make planet Earth again shine as the brightest star of the Universe.

Brightest because of the shining stars or diamonds living on Earth.


Need to translate? We use deepl.com and the help of translators that understand and speak WiSOP.

We are still looking for translators for different languages.

Fake and non-fake

Do you have doubts about whether news is fake or authentic or true?

We trust The Guardian and its colleagues for their independent and investigative type of journalism.

Contact us

You can communicate with us through WiSOP or the language that speaks heart-to-heart. It is language given to you at birth and so the language of your Mother. It is your real mother tongue.

WiSOP is also the language of your true friends – if you have them. Or the new ones you will make using the RAMITOS toolkit and apps (being developed).

Just open your heart to them and you will feel the tool of communication that opens up new opportunities and that can make you see what life is all about.

The better you master WiSOP, the stronger the twig you will be. A strong twig makes for a strong branch and all together makes a strong tree – the Tree of Life.


We will provide training to help you master WiSOP so to make you strong and to build new friendships.  Sharing your stories and ideas and interests on a safe internet.

In case you still need to contact us: petrus@ramitos.net. Your messages will be read, but we may not be able to answer you.

© DNA – RAMITOS 2021 | DCL h2H | Amigos