Lea's testament

Lea’s testament

Lea represents all children of the world. Lea had a dream about a world good and just for all children and for adults too. May her dream make leaders world-wide think and inspire to do all they can to make Lea’s and all children’s dream come true. Joining hands with all leaders wherever.
Respect Life

Respect Life

This world is a madhouse. No one right in mind, heart and soul can consider it to be normal to deliberately damage people and Nature for the sake of material riches and vacuous power. Time to change the management to make sure the madness does not take us all down the drain.
SOS to world leaders

SOS to world leaders

Economic, financial and political crises succeed each other. The coronacrisis has made us more aware of the real values in life. Many people are worried and confused about what the future will bring them and their children. This world needs to embrace Peace as the respect of the Natura Pax universal human values.
Pedro's "I had a dream"

Pedro’s “I had a dream”

Danellandia started as a dream, a “Dream of Liberation”. About the world as it is at present with its many problems and about the reasons behind them, as well as about solutions to solve them. Sharing human values across the world, a New World of Peace.
Lie of destruction

Lie of destruction

The world is in a bad shape. Mainly because politics, economics and other beliefs and theories are based on a lie. A lie that has caused tremendous damage to people and Nature. The lie is “some are superior”. The truth is “we are all equal”. The lie is contrary to Peace and stands in the way of a higher level of civilization.
Analyzing the madness

Analyzing the madness

This world has become so divided. Throughout history, innumerous boundaries and walls have been set up to separate and divide people. These divisions mainly aimed at justifying the supposed superiority of some or of some groups over others. This has allowed them to dominate, manipulate, abuse and even destroy people and Nature. This kind of superiority can be seen as “primitive” in that it does not uphold basic human values or Lex Mater.
World land of Peace

World land of Peace

All products, services and production processes damaging people and/or Nature should be stopped or phased out soonest. All theories and strategies in all fields of human activities should be summonized or held against the healing light of Peace or Natura Pax values and adapted accordingly or replaced.
CC virus and world of Peace

CC virus and world of Peace

The coronavirus has made us more aware of what we miss most. Health is an absolute priority. Our health depends on a healthy environment. It is more than evident pollution has become an issue to be tackled urgently. Pollution not only of the physical environment we all share, but also of the mindset dominating and damaging people and Nature.
World and countries of Peace

World and countries of Peace

This world is so divided. Many countries are so divided too. Divisions of all kinds: politics, economics, religions, society, etc. have led to misunderstanding and conflicts. Even wars and atrocities. Many people flee from poverty and violence. Many are left without a real home. All humans deserve to lead a decent life. So, everyone deserves to be helped and protected. And Nature as well.
Terralandia - land of Peace

Terralandia – land of Peace

Danellandia is the imaginary World land of Peace. Terralandia is the reflection of Danellandia in existing countries that are adapting their legislation and organization against the light of Natura Pax universal human values. Terralandia is also the name of the newly to be created land(s) for people now fleeing from conflict, war and other disasters.
Natura Pax Convention

Natura Pax Convention

Leaders world-wide are requested to think about why this world is in such a mess. They are requested to think about why they act as they do and how it is influenced by factors and actors that stand in the way of a world of Peace and Justice for all and for Nature. They are “requested” to take the Natura Pax Vow.
Wish list

Wish list

Ideas and projects that still need to be developed to boost human values and bring Danellandia into the real world.


Ramitos is the plural of the Spanish word for twig or branch.

We are all twigs or branches of a single tree – the Tree of Life.

The stronger the tree, the stronger the twigs. The stronger the twigs, the stronger the tree.

Twigs are affected by greed and the like that endanger the survival of the entire tree!

The tree symbolizes our planet Earth and Humanity or all human beings.

Katharsis or feeling free

Learning WiSOP or the language that allows you to communicate heart-to-heart, will make you as a twig of the big tree strong again and the tree as well.

A strong tree with strong and healthy twigs having shed off the twigs that did not manage to clean themselves or be cleaned.

Speaking WiSOP will clean up the mess and all that has been making life hard for the many and easy for the few on planet Earth.

Planet Earth could have been like Paradise. This campaign can still make it happen, but we will need your help and your WiSOP language skills.

So, join in and become an amigo or amiga! Together we can make it happen and make planet Earth again shine as the brightest star of the Universe. Brightest because of the shining stars or diamonds living on Earth.

Majai’vi (Peace be all and to Nature)!

Ambassadors of Nature and Peace



Need to translate? We use deepl.com and the help of translators that understand and speak WiSOP.

Please feel free to translate our articles to help and promote Peace.

Fake and non-fake

Do you have doubts about whether news is fake or authentic or true?

Look up and compare the information on various news sites – preferably with independent and investigative types of journalism.


You can communicate with us through WiSOP or the language that speaks heart-to-heart. It is the language given to you at birth and so the language of your Mother. It is your real mother tongue.

WiSOP is also the language of your true friends or people that share the desire to live in peace with others and with Nature.

The better you master WiSOP, the stronger the twig you will be. A strong twig makes for a strong branch and all together makes a strong tree – the Tree of Life.

The poems, posters, films and other articles on our sites will help you to master WiSOP so to make you strong and to build new friendships. Share them and add your stories and ideas to boost Peace..


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Majai’vi (Peace be all and to Nature)!

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